Monday, May 7, 2012

My Game is Better Than Your Game

It’s the bane if my existence as a gamer, the inevitable conclusion of whatever decent discussion that might have been, the soul sucking descent into childhood tactics and name calling; it goes by the name my game is better than your game. It’s everywhere, consoles v. pcs, Xbox v. PlayStation, Bioware v. ArenaNet; and it’s the one of the most irritating things that one has to deal with when trying to enjoy video games.

We like to root for things, we humans. We go to Football games and bring down stadiums, we riot after championship wins and losses, when it seems that every CEO is being indicted for malfeasance we say not our guy; it is a fact of humanity that we root for things that we believe in or enjoy. These days though were no longer content to merely root for our guy as it were, we must make it our mission to sink the other guys’ ships. If I go to read an article about Tera, people will be saying Guild Wars 2 is better. If I read an article about Dragon’s Dogma, people will be writing that Skyrim was so much better. If I read an article about the history of consoles they’ll talk about how PC games are dead

Someone once said that Man spends too much time measuring himself against each other, when the truth of the matter is that what raises one raises us all, and what fells one fells us all. Games are not made better by comparison rather by taking what has come before and building on it. What makes one game great is good for all games, as games are to life, and so on and so on.

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