Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Director's Cut

I just finished playing the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut and I am so pleased. When the whole controversy started I was so adamantly opposed to the whole concept, Mass Effect has always had a very special place in my heart. The idea that someone's whining or a lot of someone's whining could in any way shape or form change that was alarming to say the least. And yet after playing the last couple missions again I can safely say one thing to those dissenters; thank you.

Mass Effect 3's new ending expanded on the original ending, giving me new joy to see the galaxy rebuild and return and then break new heights. The idea that my Shepard is responsible and remembered millennium after she has gone is inspiring. I chose Synthesis, I always chose Synthesis, I can’t imagine the world I’ve played and built over the last few years being anything different.

I love science fiction. It is my first love when it comes to movies, television, and books, more than any other genre I love the possibilities of science fiction; the possibilities of where Man will go. Doctor Who, Fringe and now Falling Skies are some of my favorite TV shows but watching science fiction is always a little bittersweet. Science fiction in movies and television has never been particularly popular, when you watch science fiction you’re acutely aware that each season can be the last season; you are forced to savor each episode completely like a fine wine or a nice scotch. I suppose it’s a variation of supply and demand, because each show has such a short lifespan you hold on to them as tightly as possible.

I know that the bitter response over this final game is a testament to how much the fans, both new and old, really loved this series; I look forward to the places that Bioware will take us from here. I wish every fan loved this series as much as I do and could see what I see but that too is choice. I was happy the way things were, and yet I am happier after playing this new cut. I can say truly that what has happened has only made me love this series more than ever, and that is what I chose to take away from this in the end. So thank you, both those who hated the ending and those who loved it and everyone in between, those who started the journey later and those who were there at the beginning, this journey would not have been the same without you and I for one am glad that you came.

P.S. As far as I could tell there were no significant changes if any at all, until midway through the London Mission.

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