Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Frame of War II

(An Intermediate Guide to Warframe)

Warframe is a game that begs the quote ‘Easy to play, Tough to Master’. Here are some helpful tips on the road to advanced play.

1.       Revives are tied to a particular Frame not the player account. Plan accordingly.
2.       Reviving a downed player with multiple players shortens the revive time.
3.       You carry two weapons; don’t be afraid to switch them. Reloads, fast/slow enemies, mission type can all dictate changing weapons on the fly.
4.       Shoot the camera/auto turrets on sight, they provide decent experience and can make the energy jails a major threat instead of a minor nuisance.
5.       Flashy Ninja moves keep you from getting hit, which gives you bigger bonuses and can be the difference between victory or eating dirt.
6.       Choose weapons that feel comfortable to your play style and keep them until level 30. Not only will changing weapons frequently slow your leveling process it is less necessary than it might seem.
7.       Do Alerts, rare things drop there.
8.       Team up when possible, solo when ranking new Warframes. Until you become an advanced player, leveling is easier with friends.
9.       Higher numbers are always better, keep an eye on stats. However, as always what is comfortable will likely be your best bet.
10.   When you find something that works, keep at it.
11.   While on a team you can join locked missions.

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