Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Destiny’s Promise

Some things just bring a light to gamers’ eyes; a quality AAA title, a beautiful screenshot, a twinkle in a developers eyes as they talk about a new game. There are only a handful of developers who are trusted beyond reproach at a given time. Neither fate, nor the internet is kind and some will rise and some will fall. For now, for here, Halo creators’ Bungie is one of them.

Last week they unveiled their next big project, Destiny. It’s the kind of game that brings that said light to the eyes of gamers. The internet was abuzz when the information about Destiny finally dropped. You could see it; you could hear it in the voices of Journalists who wanted to be above reproach in reporting the news while not letting their gamer sides take over and get too giddy.

Bungie sparked something, a feeling of promise, of better things and better times. Reality may set in, the time and place for greatness is rarely known, but you could see that for a moment we all believed that they can do it, that they will succeed in their vision of better games, of better worlds. Gamers are aware like few other subcultures how easily the tide can change with one great game. Last week for a moment we were all in harmony hoping that Bungie can set a new benchmark so that others might follow; Destiny’s true promise.

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