Monday, September 23, 2013

Eorzea Journeys III

A little late this week with my Eorzea update, life has a way of wrecking your plans but it was a good week in Eorzea. I started unlocking my gathering classes as I picked up both mining and botanist. Gathering in Eorzea is almost Zen-like. After you get into the groove of things you can quite literally read a book or watch television at the same time. I spent three hours mining and reading a book at one time, multitasking in an MMO is so much fun. I leveled up a few classes this week but mostly I fixed on the Gladiator class pushing it up to level 31.

 The Gladiator class and the Paladin Job it becomes are considered the tanking favorites for high level endgame content. While I don’t consider that relevant at this stage, the Gladiator seemed to work out better than the Marauder did last week and so I took that up a few levels. I’ve been doing the class quests as well as leveling up and it’s been rather fun. The class quests tend to be much more focused storytelling than the main quest which can wander rather aimlessly at times. I’ve also been leveling my Grand Company reputation (Maelstrom FTW!). Running more FATES is essential to get the currency to rank up in your grand company and I’ve benefited from leveling a second class past 30. Most of the content I had already run through on my Monk so I had no issues using the FATE trains to gain enormous amounts of experience.

I’ve noticed on Reddit and such that there is much debate about the endgame economy and how SquareEnix is going to address the scarcity of resources in that department. Video game economics are very interesting to me, we’ve all pretty much taken a class or two in economics in the States and its interesting to see that being played out in theory-crafting on where SE goes from here. None the less I believe that the balance from FATE experience gain to Gil farming is still fairly even for now. It’s been a good week in Eorzea; I hope to have many more.

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