Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eorzea Journeys VIII

You know how sometimes nothing seems to go well, you remember those days always. But what about the days when things go well in spite of all the reasons why they should fail. I had a good couple weeks in Eorzea. I smashed through Stone Vigil with a party that refused to quit even as things went sideways a bit. I also finished up Dzemael Darkhold for my Maelstrom rank up quest. It was nice to finally check that off the bucket list. From there it was the Garuda Primal Fight. 

The Stone Vigil fight was awesome. All four of us were newcomers to the dungeon. We would die but keep on trying right down to the wire. The second boss was oddly tough. The fight consists of burning down a dragon that uses his wings to bring tornadoes into play. We kept getting hammered by these tornadoes because it was necessary to shoot one of the three canons at the add, a dragon that the boss kept calling into play. What was amazing was that by the time we finally downed him, it was clear that we needed to be on our game for the final boss because we didn’t have a lot of time left. But with literally minutes left on the clock we finally crushed Stone Vigil. Amazing fight and that wasn’t even the second best fight last week. 

After Stone Vigil I did Dzemael Darkhold. It’s a quest that I’ve been staring at for weeks now, waiting to finally do it. I spent an hour or two trying to get a party for the dungeon and finally I get into the dungeon and everyone’s gone. That’s right, the dreaded failed party but there was a bright spot because they finished off the first boss fairly quickly. So I’m sitting there a little miffed that a party bailed after the first boss was killed, but as I am about to leave, a Summoner appears. A Summoner is a magic user but she can also do a fair bit of tanking with her pets. We just start pulling trash mobs and frankly it’s a slow slog and low and behold a healer appears. A healer in this kind of party is like finding an angel in hell as the saying goes, and now the party is rocking. We take down the second boss and have just started the third and final boss when a tank appears. Oh yes! We have a full party formed from a failed party. This people, is why you don’t give up and leave a party just because it went south or someone bailed. The tank held threat well and after a couple tries Darkhold is no more. And that was only the second best fight of the week.

The last dungeon I fought was the Garuda Primal fight. Garuda is the toughest of the storymode Primal fights so I expected it to be a rough go. I get put into a Japanese party, so there’s an obvious language barrier, but I’ve studied up and I know what to expect. What I didn’t expect was the tank to bail after only fifteen minutes. You have to understand that to get to the Garuda fight you have to have done a fair amount of dungeon work already. Maybe it was bedtime or something but that party was doomed, as Primal fights don’t allow joining after the fact. The next day I’m raring to go, Garuda is going down. I get into a party, all JP players again. Five maybe six minutes later Garuda is dead. We killed her so fast that I was almost startled thinking I had fallen asleep or something. The keyword of this week was ‘persevere’, too many people give up when things get difficult. The parties I was lucky enough to be a part of when they were successful never gave up. Next up Cape Westwind! Until next week.

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