Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Best of the Best III

The Most Visually Impressive Movies ever made, the awesome, the awe-inspiring (in no particular order):

1. The Dark Knight. Though TDKR is arguably the more impressive in the trilogy, this list is for those who did it first. A masterpiece from beginning to end, from the bank scene to the final shot of Batman running wounded from police dogs, The Dark Knight will always be a testament to what makes great movies.
2. Tron Legacy. What can be said about Tron Legacy, simply watch a thirty second clip and its visual achievement is obvious. Yes, the script of TL reads more like a fansub than a real movie, yes the plot is laugably similar to the first movie, but oh what a movie they made. From the Daft Punk soundtrack, to the CGI work with Jeff Bridges, to the awe-inspiring use of color, Tron Legacy was a visual masterpiece.
3. What Dreams May Come. Robin Williams has never been better. Playing a man facing eternity without the ones he loved he traveled through heaven and hell to find his loved ones. Its version of heaven and hell was evocative and impressive and not to be missed.
4. Hero. Jet Li's magnum opus, Hero was the epitome of great martial arts movies. It had the great scenes, the great loves, and the great fights, but more than anything Hero's use of color was nothing short of mind blowing. I dare you to find a movie that uses the color red better than Hero.
5. Inception. Does the top fall or keep spinning. Christopher Nolans epic film uses all of the magic he learned while creating the Dark Knight, and it uses it to fantastic success, essentially a bank heist, Nolan takes the age old plot and turns it completely on and into its own head. What is left is a fantastic look into what drives us and what binds us.
6. The Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring. While understandably the last two parts of the trilogy get the most recognition it is the first movie that has the more impressive visuals. From the simple hobbit town and festival, to the the magnificent fireworks, to the two statues guarding the river near the end of the movie, The Fellowship of the Ring is filled to the brim with magnificent visuals.
7. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Essentially the same film across decades of cinema, both films are visually impressive. It is likely that your choice is based on when you were a child and which one you saw first.
8. The Matrix, Dark City, and The Thirteenth Floor. Three separate movies made within half a year of each other. Each one dealing with what is real and what makes reality. Though you've only likely seen the first they are all excellent movies.
9. Alice in Wonderland & Pan's Labyrinth. Little girl lost, a recurring theme in fantasy tales these two movies took it and ran. Like day and night though they couldn't be more different on the surface, but each are masterpieces in their own right.

Honorable Mentions: Prometheus. Fountain. Cloud Atlas. The Life of Pi.

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