Saturday, January 26, 2013

When the Love Has Gone Cold

It happens to all of us. You were enarmored with a game. It seemed to speak to us. Days later and everything is gone, gone, gone. Don't worry it happens to all of us gamers. Sooner or later the love goes cold. First of all there are three important steps to take: Stop, Drop, and Roll. Yes I know, that's what they told you to do if you caught on fire when you were kids, but bare with me.

Stop.The most important step is to stop playing the game. Maybe this game will go down as one of your all-time favorite games (It probably won't), and maybe it's your perfect game on paper (the first law of war, no plan survives the enemy), but if the wind has gone out of the sail it ain't coming back. Stop playing the game, you're never going to get any real enjoyment out of this game. Maybe down the road you pick it back up, but most likely not.

Drop. Stop playing video games. Like eating too much ice cream there is a point when no game will satisfy you. You need to step away from the gaming console or PC, and pick up another of your hobbies. Maybe you like to fly fish, read a book in front of a fire, either way drop the video game controller.

Roll. Roll with the punches. Life has a way of smacking you when you least expect it. Learn to be flexible, even if your time is precious. You have a job, family, responsibilities, etc. They never go away, but if you don't learn to roll with the unexpected you're going to look like you went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.

There is a reason we still call them video games. This is supposed to be a fun hobby. Sometimes video games are like a great red wine when all you need is a white. Learn to read the signs and you'll be a happier gamer for it.

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  1. Im always going to enjoy games but you're so right not to play a game you're tired of playing.