Sunday, January 6, 2013

Anticipation and the Beginning of the End

I love movies. I love the movies I love. A good movie cannot be rushed or seen before the time is just right. I love to watch trailers. A trailer is a movie in its purest form. Before the hype, before the expectations, worries, disappointments; it is the essence of a movie. But trailers are a trap as well. Like anything, too much of a trailer will always lead to disappointment; it is too hard for anything that is created to be better than your own imagination.

This is in all likelihood the last year of the current console generation. Publishers are shelving projects left and right, pushing them back into 2014. Most of the big AAA titles are being launched come hell or high water in the first half of the year. Given how high the percentage of the annual profits the video game industry makes in the months of October, November, and December it is telling that no one is talking about Christmas this year.

I have high hopes for the next generation of consoles. Better hardware, bigger stories; better graphics, sound, and music. One way I found to dampen my own propensity to hype the things I loved was to mostly ignore them. Until the day they came out, I didn’t read, watch, or talk about anything related to what I was anticipating. When the day finally came, I had no expectations, no thoughts about what might or might not happen; everything was simply there to be seen, heard, and experienced. So in the spirit of the Mayan Calendar, let us welcome this new age, soon but not just yet.

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