Monday, April 15, 2013


It's not often that I talk about a single episode of a television show, so when I do you'll know that I was impressed. I just saw the first episode of Defiance, the new SyFy show in partnership with Trion, the MMO developer. 

Defiance surprised me from the start, familiar names graced the credit roll; Rockne S. Bannon of Farscape fame, actors and actresses that I recognized from some of my favorite shows. I've said before that the first 15 minutes surprised me with how good it was, but it was the last 75 that had me smiling in the end. Little old ladies with the devil in their eyes, acquiescent and motherly wives who'd make Machiavelli smile in pride; Defiance refused to be pigeonholed. At the center of the storm were two people, a father and daughter, not of blood but tightly woven together all the same.

All of this ensures that Defiance will be my most anticipated show from this side of the pond. Whether or not it continues the excellent threads that it showed in the series premiere I can't say, but I can't say it won't be fun watching.

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