Thursday, January 16, 2014

Enter Galactic Starfighter

I love the Galactic Star Fighter expansion for The Old Republic. It’s unexpectedly fun. PVP has always been something of a bane for me. Its hardcore enthusiasts will be first to get the best gear and the best accessories. In most games that means coming in later takes a lot of gumption. You have to ready to eat the dirt a lot to gain the skill and the gear to compete. Enter GSF.

BioWare got a lot of flak from gamers and writers who wanted a more free-form version of space combat. Star Wars Galaxies was often pointed out as the gold standard. Putting aside the fact that SWG wasn’t particularly popular even in its heyday, it was a fair complaint. The Old Republic has always struggled with the fact that much of the game is separated by walls, artificial and otherwise. Given the size and scope of the game it’s not surprising, but gamers can usually tell at an instinctual level when there are walls in a game and they don’t like it.

Galactic Star Fighter is in its infancy, having just opened up the expansion to Preferred Status customers, there is much ground to cover in new maps and ships. For now however The Old Republic like a well-cut diamond having revealed another side of itself that should keep gamers entertained for quite some time.

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