Friday, January 3, 2014

The Fan

As I read comment section after comment section, I have come to realize that usually the most vocal MMO gamers are not actually fans of Role Playing Games. RPG’s are all about combat, loot, level progression, story and rinse and repeat. It’s its purest form the RPG is grind, loot, story and repeat and it’s a diagram that has been repeated by Massively Multiplayer Online RPG’s as well. The shell may differ from game to game but each MMORPG looks the same when broken down.

I love Doctor Who. I’m a fan of the show, and as a fan I have grown to love the characters on the show. Lately I’ve seen that some ‘fans’ are unhappy with the direction of the show; a vocal minority perhaps, but vocal none the less. They always write how they enjoyed this Doctor or that Doctor, somehow implying it’s the shows fault. Newsflash here, fans don’t get to pick and choose what they like. Can you imagine a fan of a professional sports team picking and choosing when to support the franchise? Please, they’d get run out of town.

A fan is either a fan or not a fan, there is no in-between. I loved Morrowind but I found Oblivion and Skyrim mediocre. A boneheaded front office and an integrity-less coach have wiped away whatever loyalty I had left to the San Francisco 49ers. It was made ever clear to me when the same situation came up this year for the Chicago Bears and they took the exact opposite approach that the 49ers had taken. It was the epitome of ‘stay classy’. At a certain point I’m no longer a fan of the 49ers, or the Elder Scrolls series, that’s just the way it works.

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