Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Great Game, Wouldn’t Play

You ever have a game that impresses you; a game that surprises you with how it does things. You sit down and take a look at the game and you are impressed, but when you get up from you’re seat you think to yourself ‘too bad, great game, wouldn’t play’.

I’ve been taking a look at a few PVP heavy games of late; Planetside 2, Forge, and Firefall. For many reasons each game speaks to me as quality. I like the fact that Planetside 2 has taken the FPS multiplayer that is so popular and taken it global as an MMO. I love the simplicity when I look at Forge. No muss no fuss, just pure unadulterated PVP combat. I love the idea of PVE tied into the FPS MMO market. It’s not been done too many times before and Firefall looks to be doing it right. This game more than any of the other two, is the game that just calls to me as worthy of success.

I’m not likely to play any of them though. I’m a big fan of the carrot and the stick principle. I’ll slog through just about any kind of game if the story is good enough. For me that is the holy grail of videogames; the perfect story. Graphics, gameplay, music, etcetera; all of these things can be ignored if the story is worthy. As The Girl Next Door so eloquently put it, ‘Is the juice worth the squeeze’?

I always feel bad about not putting money into the coffers of companies whose games I admire. It’s sometimes counterintuitive to gamers it seems, but if you like a company or at least the games it makes you want it to make oodles and oodles of money. If the company that makes My Little Pony is making the same amount of money as Mass Effect 3; then you’re going to see just as many My Little Pony games if not more since they’re cheaper to make.

Still I’d rather not see good things die prematurely. Maybe next time instead of buying that shiny candy bar, I’ll throw Red 5 and Firefall a few dollars. Better ‘Great Game, Wouldn’t Play’ than ’Great Game, Didn’t Get to Play’.

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