Thursday, December 20, 2012


This is the big 1 0 0. I’ve been pondering where to go from here. When I started this blog, I started it with the intent of merely marking time, to force myself to write and see if I had the goods. I’m at 100 now, I haven’t been tarred and feathered, and I’m still here.

I look at the industry and I see turmoil. Developers are losing their jobs, the print journalist is a becoming  extinct with magazines going the way of newspapers and dodo birds, and gamers get a lot of their information from the internet as opposed to just a decade ago when most everything was print. Things are changing in this industry we love and no one is quite sure how the dice will fall.

The Newsroom is one of my favorite new shows. The characters are always talking and putting it all on the line, even when things don’t always come out as they might have hoped. I asked myself, how can I do any less than fictional characters. So here’s my promise to you dear reader:

I will never pander to your fears, nor let the fear of an adverse reaction, change what I believe to be true.
I will always ask questions, and give strong, sound, well thought-out answers.
I will always be civil.
I will never give you anything other than my best.
I will always respect the reader and the material; if I’m writing about it, it will be excellent.
I will never use lies or allow the obfuscation of others to win an argument.
I will never pander to the loudest denominator.
This is my promise to you, I will never break it.

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