Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Top E-Sport Earners

 E-Sport Earnings just came out with its Top 100 lists of highest lifetime earners in E-Sports. E-Sports refers to video games played in tournaments for cash prizes and now that the U.S. government is starting to call these players 'athletes' with all the rights thereof, expect the numbers to just get bigger. Who said video games couldn't make you wealthy? While the list doesn't include endorsements or earnings made outside video game tournaments it is fairly inclusive and is as follows:
Top 10 Highest Overall Earnings
                ID\ Name\ Total (Overall) \Highest Paying Game
  1. United States Fatal1ty Johnathan Wendel $454,544.98 |Painkiller
  2. Korea, Republic of Flash Lee, Young Ho $437,114.55|StarCraft: Brood War
  3. Korea, Republic of Mvp Jung, Jong Hyun $377,116.38|StarCraft II
  4. Korea, Republic of Jaedong Lee, Jae Dong $374,528.84|StarCraft: Brood War$
  5. Korea, Republic of MC Jang, Min Chul $367,902.11|StarCraft II
  6. Korea, Republic of Moon Jang, Jae Ho $292,019.57|Warcraft III
  7. Ukraine Dendi Danylo Ishutin $275,800.28|Dota 2
  8. Estonia Puppey Clement Ivanov $274,896.19|Dota 2
  9. Ukraine XBOCT Oleksandr Dashkevych $274,896.19|Dota 2
  10. Russian Federation LighTofHeaveN Dmitriy Kupriyanov $267,699.10|Dota 2

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