Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The War of the Dragon VII

I got back into Guild Wars 2 a couple of weeks ago. I had originally planned to play The Old Republic for a couple more months before FFXIV: A Realm Reborn dropped but I grew a little tired of leveling alts and so moved on to Guild Wars 2. 

Because it had been more than six months since last I played, I quickly deleted an old character and started a new Necromancer. My goal this time around was to get to level 80 before ARR launched. I decided to make my Necromancer more of a tank class this time around, I figured that the Necromancer has the most health out of any class so why not?

Running through my personal story has been a mixed bag. The human part of the personal story I thought was quite excellent, perhaps only bettered by the Sylvari personal storyline. Caithe is just way cooler and less whiny than the hero Logan. From what little I’ve seen the hero group Destiny’s Edge are the main draw of the storyline in Guild Wars 2. It’s difficult to not compare the story elements in Guild Wars 2 to those in The Secret World and The Old Republic, but it’s clear that while there are a few excellent plot points, Guild Wars 2 is a lesser beast with regard to story.

Guild Wars 2 has many good points, it’s easy to get into and doesn’t restrict anything in terms of content or experience but the game is a huge grind in every facet of the game. From Legendary weapons, to gearing up while leveling, to crafting classes, to pretty much everything that can be done in the game; it’s all one big grind. In all honesty though, the fact that the game is Free offers no other recourse to ArenaNet and NCSoft. Everything has to be a time sink when a game is sub-less.

Don’t let that fool though; Guild Wars 2 is a cold milkshake on a hot, summer day. Everything is so uncomplicated in the big world that ArenaNet built. Whether by land or sea there is plenty to see and do. Even now as I near 80 I’ve left whole swathes of real estate pristine. It’s the best part of the dynamic leveling in Guild Wars 2, the ability to go anywhere you’ve been and mop up the last few quests or run down that boss that was laughing over your corpse before. And while the lack of an always on speed boost or mount can get somewhat irritating it falls into the grind mentality of a free game and is excused. 

Guild Wars 2 may not be my first game of choice but as I near the end of my time in this game this year, I am not only glad I played, I am satisfied I took the journey; is not that the worthiest part?

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