Sunday, July 28, 2013

Things Fall Apart

I’ve been hearing a lot of PC gamers unhappy with the industry of late. They’ve cleaved themselves to a few games as the next great hope for PC Gaming; perhaps none more than Star Citizen. I hope for PC Gamers, this game comes out and is everything that they hope it will be but the odds point to the fact that not everyone will be satisfied and so PC Gamers will revolt and fall to name-calling and calls for the heads of those that have ‘failed them’.

Frankly I think it’s time for PC Gamers to come to a single unalienable truth, if PC Gamers
don’t start figuring more into the business side of gaming, the industry will pass them by with nary a tear. At the end of the day, the industry is driven by sales, from the smallest indie developer to the biggest publisher. Failure to recognize and change the practices of PC Gamers that hurt the business of the industry has downsized the PC Games market year after year; it was inevitable and should have been obvious to everyone involved. If PC Gamers want to fob it off on other more salient reasons, that’s fine, but the problem won’t be ignored and it won’t go away.

I’ll paraphrase Spike Lees’ Mo’ Better Blues via The Roots Things Fall Apart Act Won:

If we had to depend on PC game developers for games we would never get anything. I see console gamers, handheld gamers, mobile gamers, etc. they all get theirs but what about PC Gamers? It makes no sense; it incenses me that developers don’t understand PC Gamers…

That’s B$#%^hit


It’s all b%^&*hit; everything… everything you just said was b@&%^hit. You complain…

I’m talking about the gaming industry….

That’s right there aren’t more games developed for ‘PC Gamers’ because you grandiose m@&%#^&*$!ers can’t stop telling everyone how great you all are and how you should get it all without cost. If you just played for the sake of the games then developers would make games for you…

Inevitably PC Gamers are treated as they are disposable they’re not maximized as gamers even; you know not to mention the Elite.

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