Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eorzea Journeys IV

I managed to pick up my Paladin soul in Eorzea this week. The second Job class after the Monk, the Paladin has been a lot of fun so far. Picking up the Paladin was more in response to the trials and tribulations of PUG’s. I had been steadily running through the main story content but Hakkue Manor, is the first dungeon where a good tank is mandatory. And while I am not yet a good tank in FFXIV terms, I’m experienced at tanking and I know enough to correct my mistakes. Tanking is all about the workhorse mentality. It’s not trying to run the fastest, its showing up day in and day out. Oftentimes a party will wipe through no fault of your tank. There’s no point in putting one or two great efforts if the party wipes anyways. But a good tank is reliable and stalwart. Or at least that’s my take on tanking.

After taking my Paladin to level 35, I started working on my Thaumaturge. The Black Mage precursor, THM is a great class for quickly leveling through in FATES. Since, I’ve decided to use my PLD for all main story dungeons and quests, there’s less of a short-term need of experience heavy opportunities like leve quests or hunting logs. Hunting logs are great sources of experience but only really good for a level or so in every stage.

I still haven’t joined a Free Company or even a Linkshell for that matter. SquareEnix is pulling out the server transfers in October and I’m not sure I’ll stay on Masamune. While I love the JP server and being ahead eleven hours the amount of lag is such that it can get uncomfortable to play in, especially on the weekends. I may just have to suck it up and switch over to a North American server.

My Monk is sitting all lonely-like at 45. As with most MMO’s the experience to next level is quite a wallop. Unless you can sit through a several hour FATE party session you’ll likely want to make sure you don’t burn out by leveling classes at a lower level. I managed to level Goldsmithing up to 12 but it was at best a half-heated effort. While I haven’t enjoyed crafting yet, gathering has been some fun. I look forward to getting into Fishing next week. Until next time.

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