Monday, October 14, 2013

Eorzea Journeys VI

It was a short week in Eorzea. I’ve been sick on and off the past few weeks and its finally catching up to me. Needless to say, unfortunately I didn’t get to the Titan Primal fight. Rather Ataitai finally took a job to level 50, the Paladin! I love Tanks, there’s nothing like going toe to toe with a five-story monster and being all that stands between your party and certain destruction. It took some time but I managed to run with a FATE party in Northern Thanalan. Shout out to Mei Sui, a Japanese player on Masamune I seem to run into quite often when I do FATE parties.

I’ve also decided to lay off the Disciple of War Classes for a while. I’ve already gotten two out of five nearly to 50 and I think its time to do some Disciple of Magic, likely the Black Mage. If you haven’t seen it, the Black Mage has one of the coolest Job armors. In the vein of the original Black Mages like Vivi, the Black Mage armor is very cool looking. It’s one of the reasons I always cringe to see people not keep up with the Job quests. Not only are they some of the best story bits, they usually will unlock abilities, especially at the higher tiers. The level 45 quests especially gifts you all of the Job armor except your chest piece, that you’ll receive in completing the final Job quest, the level 50 Job quest.

Of all the job quest chains I’ve gone through so far, the Monk/Pugilist was fairly good, though I thought the Paladin/Gladiator quests started out well, but trickled out into the realm of the unbelievable. I have high hopes for the Black Mage/Thaumaturge quests which starts out as a story about the errors of seeking power unwisely. I look forward to what comes next.

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