Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eorzea Journeys V

It was a good week in Eorzea. First of all I managed to take my Paladin into the 40’s. Slogging through the main story, I went to and conquered Brayflox's Longstop, which should be nicknamed ‘The Light’ (Kudos if you get the Toy Story reference). I don’t understand why so many dungeons are so dark and dank. How come you don’t get any dungeons in the clouds or on rainbows? Brayflox was a welcome change to the previous dungeons. Not only was it fairly easy to get through, it was more importantly fun. I went through dungeon finder, to get my group but as a tank that was rather easily. My healer was top-notch and my DPS was mostly spot on. Why DPS characters insist on grabbing mobs accidentally on purpose I have yet to understand but I ignore it mostly. I like the main story but so often it seems as if the writers have nothing better to do than add filler. When it gets to the nitty gritty its good but if I have to another ridiculously long chain of fetch quests I’m going to blow my lid. Less is more people, less is more.
I’ve also managed to burn through most of the side quests as well. I think I take it as an affront when my Duty list pops as I zone in and I see quests pop up as well. I’m a completionist at heart and I don’t like seeing unfinished business. In any case, some of the lower level quests are the start of chains of higher level quests. Not more than a handful so far, but its nice to see high level quests when you’ve just finished off a low level one.

The best thing that happened this week was that I finally took all the combat classes past to level 20. I’m not enamored with all of the classes/jobs especially the magic classes which bore me to tears playing, but the physical damage classes especially the Gladiator and Pugilist have really been fun. I’m going to level up the Marauder, Archer, and Lancer after I’m done with those two classes but for now that’s a ways off. Next week Titan!

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