Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Eorzea Journeys VII

Titan is defeated! Yes, this week in Eorzea was a memorable one. I took Ataitai into the Titan Primal fight as a Paladin and my Dungeon-Finder group took it down. While I won’t say he went down easily, it was fairly clear that most of the party was doing the Titan fight for the first time. As a Tank, I can’t say it’s a particularly hard fight; rather it takes a lot of concentration. Most of Titan’s moves will pretty much One-hit you to death, either by pushing you off a cliff or by trapping you. I would not want to take on this fight as a healer. Because of a variety of issues, not the least of which is lag, the amount of damage a party takes can vary wildly. Often times in fights such as these the healer only really has to focus on the Tank and can leave the other parties members to their own devices, if they die it’s mostly their fault. But the Titan fight is as much a healer check as it is a defensive and dodge check.

One thing I have to say and I sigh at the signs of the times, but my party wiped a number of times, somewhere between 10 and 20 and yet they stuck together through it all. I’m not saying I was the best player that day (though I probably was), but my party didn’t rant, no one starting shouting at the weakest player, no one start screaming about noobs, no one started talking about how much they were better than another player; we were brought together by chance, we did our jobs, and we got the job done, end of story. Once upon a time that was just the norm, I look upon those days wistfully but either way shout-out to my peeps on the Titan fight.

On other news Ataitai completed her Black Mage job quest and I’m slowly moving the bar on the Monk closer to level 50. Since there are a boat load of quests between each dungeon I’m using the Monk to load up on experience, it doesn’t hurt to be overpowered in the story fights either. Between the Stone Vigil dungeon quest and the end of the Titan fight, I was able to earn two levels simply running through the main and side story content that opened up. I’m leaving the Stone Vigil fight for next week and continuing to graduate every Class to its respective Job.

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