Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Demo

So I played the Dragon's Dogma Demo today. Wow, who said Japanese developers are dead! Capcom swung for the fences on this one and they hit it out of the park. Character creation was very impressive.The game plays tight and yet everything is instinctive. The buttons are exactly what you think they are. X is light attack and Y is heavy. LT is draw your weapon and RT is grab on to the big ass monster trying to eat you a la Shadow of the Colossus.The game play is fun yet the sense of danger when the gryphon swoops down on you is palpable. When you die it's not like that was cheap, rather its like oh so maybe I should have held on to the flying monster instead of get an extra hit and fall to my death. It's all the best parts of Japanese RPG's melded with the open world draw of Western RPG's. If I was stoked about this game before, I see GOTY contender now.

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