Friday, April 27, 2012

Six Million Dollars

So I'm having a problem with my internet one day, I need to update a drive for my wireless connection and I call a nameless big software company to ask them to send me the update on disk or CD, no hurry I would just like the update. I call the first number expecting to talk to someone who can do this for me, I'm not really expecting a technician just a friendly person to help me get the update. After a quick touch tone process I'm talking to a real life person. Politely taking my information I'm directed to someone who can help me with the problem. A little confused but willing to be gentlemanly I keep my mouth shut and wait for the next human to speak to, for a world of six billion and counting its almost comical how when calling a companies customer service you actually never talk to humans, but I digress. After a spot of time I'm forwarded to a new person who begins to ask me the same basic questions as the first person. At this time I'm a little annoyed but I play along. I begin to be asked the 20 questions of how to use your internet. What are you using to connect? What ISP (Internet Service Provider) are you using? And on and on we go. I'm beginning to be think that I'm getting the run around but after about 55 minutes I get on the phone with the person who might actually know what their doing... and my battery dies. After a bit of a chuckle (yeah lets call what I said under my breath a chuckle) I began to wonder... can we really fix it and make it better… I think I’d consider myself lucky if it only cost me six million dollars.

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