Monday, April 30, 2012

I Want To Be Cool

Yes, I know I set that one up, however I’m talking about the characters in MMOs; I want to be cool. Why is it that every MMO tantalizes you with this really cool armor and then lets you flop around in the wind in this piece o’ crap armor at the starting level? Why can’t I look cool from the get go? Every character is supposedly the hero of their own story, why do I have to wait three months and sixty levels just to look cool? I understand; graphics in MMOs are really just getting to the point where armor and how a character looks can be truly distinctive, but why can’t I look cool? I propose that all new MMOs allow you to change your look at will and let you dress your characters however you like. In the old days when each class had to be tallied quickly so that players knew who was playing what it was important for class distinctive looks, but these days not only are MMOs not bound in stone by class the players don’t want them to be either. In this Brave New World let us not be bound by the laws of old, let us prance around in the sweetest digs and be merry. So please, please, please; let me look cool.

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