Friday, April 27, 2012

The Pursuit of Happiness

As a gamer, I am very self aware of what makes me happy. Every day is dedicated to that goal, both in the short and long term. Games are entertainment, often their very escapist; so it behoove us to get the maximum potential in the time we are able to play. I know; it kind of sounds like work but play is just as important in life as work. Most people wouldn’t start a work project without at least a very general picture of what they need to do to accomplish their goals; however when it comes to play people tend to assume that they’ll have fun and that it’s a given.

Happiness then, at least for the majority of us for who it does not come to naturally, must be attacked from every angle. If life is to be enjoyed, and I believe that is the intention of most humans on this planet, you must have a plan. Games are not one size fits all, no matter the quality, not all games will appeal to everyone. I for instance am partial to Role Playing Games or RPGs; always have been and always will be. Some games I play without guides or instructions; I have a clear picture of how the game is played and I don’t need help. Other games, Final Fantasy XIII is a great example, I was aware of how complicated the game would be and I used a guide. I am frankly unsure whether I could have or would have completed the game otherwise; and I am sure that I would not have enjoyed it at the level that I did. I had a plan and I followed through, making changes where they were needed.

Without an outlet for the trials and tribulations that life throws us we would become a very different people. The universe is vast and the possibilities are limitless. Life is beautiful and happiness helps make it so.

Special thanks for Lazlo Zalezac

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