Friday, April 27, 2012

The Facts of Life (As seen by a gamer)

1. Gaming is not always fair, sometimes you won’t be the best at a game or even very good at it.
2. Your character will fail during your gaming sessions; use that as a learning tool. Winning teaches you nothing, it is when we lose that the best lessons in life are learned.
3. The game verse has a set rule of law, which sometimes can be bent but not broken. Fail to understand this at your own risk.
4. Games do not care if you got angry, if a game is worth playing, pause, sit back and ponder a way to get out of the situation
5. What was before cannot be again; change is the only constant. The past will always be that, a sequel can never be the original but it can be great in its’ own way.
6. There is always a choice in playing a game, sometimes the best choice is wait until later.
7. Games are constructs by humans; as such they can be and are often flawed, wishing changes nothing.
8. It is never wise to exceed the limitations of the physical body. Gaming beyond you capacity to endure leads to death.
9. The joy derived from gaming is entirely dependent on you.
10. You cannot change the opinions of other gamers, but you can present other ways of thinking.

Special Thanks to Lazlo Zalezac

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